Dominic Sobhani

Dominic Sobhani is a student and machine learning researcher. He is interested in causal inference, development economics, and history.

Laura Messner

Laura Messner is a third-year undergrad at Columbia studying Economics and Mathematics. She is pursuing research on the economics of AI and is interested in market competition, innovation, and economic growth. She previously co-led a think tank and researched AI's long-term potential influence on legal evolution. She enjoys reading and occasionally writing about ethics and etymology.

Keishi Kimura

Keishi Kimura is a fourth-year undergrad at the University of Chicago studying Economics. He is pursuing applied econometrics to inform R&D and national security policymaking. He currently conducts energy policy research and has wrote on industrial policy and supply chain security for semiconductors. He enjoys weightlifting and meditation.

Matt Clancy (Advisor)

Matt Clancy is head of the Innovation Policy program at Open Philanthropy. Prior to that, he was an economist specializing in the economics of science and innovation. He writes a living literature review on academic research about innovation at New Things Under the Sun.

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